Get an idea where we're heading with the MoneyHero token development!
Also check the Whitepaper for more details.


Official Launch of The new MoneyHero token System

With the token, we can offer financial education for free for the first time. Every person who stakes $MYH gets access to premium courses and earns interest in form of additional $MYH tokens at the same time.


Buy with Fiat

It will soon be possible to purchase $MYH with Fiat through debit and credit cards.



Staking of $MYH tokens and free access to the MoneyHero academy will be activated in Q4/2021.


Liquidity Mining / Farms

Liquidity providers will be rewarded with an opportunity to stake their liquidity pool tokens and receive rewards.


Automated, $MYH based Referral system

While community members can already earn MYH tokens for referring users to the academy now, we will automate the referral system and add additional advantages for marketers.


Cross chain swap

Swapping MYH against tokens from other chains like BSC and ETH will be enabled in Q2/2022.



The first step of converting the MoneyHero project into a dezentralized organization will be the possibility to let all token holders decide who the content creator budget will be spent by the use of an internal voting system.


Moneyhero Wallet


Extended DAO

By end of 2022 we plan to go full decentralised organization, giving the community the authority to decide about the further direction and development of the project.


MoneyHero Academy Dapp

To become even more independent, we will no longer rely on external service providers and will instead develop our own decentralised app for the MoneyHero academy.


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