$MYH is a utility token developed on the Tezos network. It will be used within the MoneyHero ecosystem. The MoneyHero academies for financial education offer paid content, e.g. video courses. In the future, members of the community will be able to decide whether they want to pay for access in regular FIAT currencies or lock their MoneyHero tokens for a certain amount of time in a staking pool. While the tokens are staked, users receive rewards AND free access to premium content.

Since August 2021, all team members are paid in $MYH.
Tokens spent by the organization for this and other purposes are split in "pools".

More information about the different pools can be found below. Also check RoadmapWhitepaper.

Token Price / Marketcap




Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000.00 MYH

Token Contract: 

Quipuswap Pool Contract:

Distributor Wallet:
All payments  made by the organization can be tracked through this wallet.

Budget allocation

All numbers are updated live whenever a transaction occurs.