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MoneyHero recommends Temple wallet or Kukai wallet.

Common Questions (FAQ)

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What is the idea behind moneyhero.io?

No matter what educational institution you look at, financial education is not part of it.

Our goal is to bring financial education to the breadth of society, especially to schools.

To make this work, we use financial intelligence and do what central banks around the world have been doing for centuries: We created our own community currency.

Everyone who holds MoneyHero tokens ($MYH) ensures a high value of the currency. In return, they get access to our (usually paid) educational services and products.

Every expert who brings his financial knowledge to the community increases the value of the Academy and is rewarded with Moneyhero ($MYH).

July 22, 2021

How can I buy Moneyhero ($MYH)?

The MoneyHero token is built on the Tezos Blockchain. Tezos is 100% decentralized, transparent, has low transaction fees and is the best alternative to the Ethereum Blockchain.

To buy MoneyHero tokens you first need to have Tezos ($XTZ).

  1. Here you can download Tezos $XTZ on Binance (Reflink -10% fees) or on Coinbase (Reflink +10USD Gift)
  2. You need a wallet for Tezos with token support(!), e.g.  Temple Wallet
  3. Now you send your Tezos from the exchange to the address in your wallet
  4. Go to the moneyhero.io website and connect your wallet (Connect Wallet)
  5. Choose an amount you want to buy for and exchange Tezos for MoneyHero ($MYH)

July 22, 2021

Can I trade Moneyhero ($MYH) already?

Yes. Early risers can already buy the first MoneyHeros. Please remember that the potential of a rocket is unfolded only on the moon and not already on the launch pad. So hold the tokens as long as you can.

Here you can trade $MYH: Quipuswap.com

July 22, 2021

When will it be possible to join MoneyHero Academy in my language?

Besides the oldest "Geldhelden" community in German, additional academies have already been launched: Go to the App page to see which languages are available or will launch soon.

September 22, 2021