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Financial education is a fundamental right. As a MoneyHero, you help the community to exercise this right and to spread it throughout society.

What drives MoneyHero?

Moneyhero Community

As a MoneyHero, you are part of a great movement that fights poverty through financial knowledge and implementation.

World wide network

Started in Germany, the idea of "freeing people from hoarding through financial education" has now brought together people from all over the world.


Each MoneyHero token ($MYH) was created for the people who help carry more financial education to more people.
Here it is documented (click)...


Every user who puts their $MYH tokens into one of our staking pools can choose from online courses, summits and masterclasses and get free access.

Our mission

Many states have very high expenditures in the area of social assistance, unemployment assistance, retraining, resocialization, etc.

With these programs, they use taxpayer money to help people who have fallen through the social safety net and who cannot support themselves.

Confucius says, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life."

Our mission is to show people with financial education how to avoid falling through the social safety net in the first place.

Financial education belongs in schools!

Our story

It all started with a regular MeetUp for real estate investors in Dortmund. The learnings were so enormous that we founded a Cashflow Club and the MoneyHeros Organization.

We now have over 1 million reach on social media, hundreds of thousands of readers of our articles, and thousands of members on the MoneyHeroes community app.

With the MoneyHero token, the community is growing exponentially and we are getting closer to our goal: to embed financial education into the breadth of society.


The way is the goal. A revolution of the systems can take place violently with a war, with an attack or with a coup d'état. The revolution of freedom, however, comes without violence, coercion or raised forefinger. It comes on silent soles and every small step changes the world...


Idea and foundation of the organization

In the fall of 2017, seven people met to take the first step together into a financially free education world: They founded the MoneyHeros Organization Ltd.


Testing in the German Community

Courses, podcast, YouTube and the Geldhelden blog reach more and more German-speaking people. During this time we find out which strategies work and which don't.


Over 1,000,000 money heroes

MoneyHero surpasses the magic number of over 1 million per month people reached with our educational programs. It's time to think bigger...


Official Launch of The new MoneyHero token System

With the token, we can offer financial education for free for the first time. Every person who stakes $MYH gets access to premium courses and earns interest in form of additional $MYH tokens at the same time. Much more is planned: See our Roadmap.


Launch of the Moneyhero CLub

The MoneyHero club is the first product by MoneyHero which goes beyond financial education. It was created to cater people who already have the knowledge to take their finances into their own hands. To support them on their way to financial freedom, successful and reputable investors share decisions about their own investments with the club. Learn more.

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Our Team

MoneyHero works with people in projects. There are no permanent slaves, only well-paid project partners.

Marco Lachmann-Anke

Founder & Chief of Business Development

Marco grew up in Germany but lives in Thailand today. He's financially free and works only for his passion: Financial education.

He loves sauna & ice-baths 😅

Peggy Anke

Chief Marketing Officer

Peggy is the designer and social media expert in the MoneyHero Team, she is also responsible for the Pinterest account

Sebastian Wörner

Community Manager 🇩🇪

Irina Andrejew

Community Manager 🇷🇺

Joel Burghardt

SEO Advisor

He discovered Crypto in 2015 and is trading and holding since then on several plattforms.

He loves to travel and meet new people.

Maximilian Alexander Koch

Chief of Community

Alex studies psychology, is an expert at future tech development and in love with blockchain technology since 2017.

He wrote for Wallstreet Online, moderated the Cryptopia Coin Summit  and was featured in German television.

Robin Prock

Public Relations


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We are growing fast.

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